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Are the intricacies of life impacting your ability to lose weight?

Do you find yourself too stressed to worry about losing weight…

Does nagging depression block you from reaching your body image goals…

Tired of fighting food cravings that are contributing to your obesity…

Feel like there is not enough time in the day to work on your relationship with yourself…

Constantly find that fitness routines never work for you…

Wondering why you lack the motivation to build a healthy body and mind…

Never happy with the progress of your health…

Wishing your job and work would not impact your weight loss program…

Lack of weight loss education stopping you from success…

Solve your struggles by letting hypnosis open up the doors of opportunity to weight loss that you subconsciously always dreamed of!

My Weight Loss Program Will Teach You How To:

And so much more…

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Missing the keys 🗝 to weight loss?

By unlocking your subconscious mind through hypnosis weight loss therapy, you can transform your life!

What is truly stopping you from meeting your weight loss goals…

The body follows the mind, and my hypnosis weight loss program gives you the power to overcome the following challenges.


Your weight loss journey is about your subconscious mind and the relationship with yourself…

My hypnosis weight loss program gives you the courage to start a new mindset on health!

The time to ditch the feelings of guilt, restriction, and hardship are now!

You have to make a decision about taking control of your mind and body.

Hypnosis is your access to fixing the relationship with your inner self.

As your expert weight loss hypnotherapist, I will help you take your internal health dialogues to the next level!

Imagine how it would feel to:
The hypnosis workshop weight loss course that helps you shed pounds and build your inner confidence without any pills, excessive workout routines or guilt!

This Hypnosis workshop is an 8-session program designed to help you reduce fat, improve the relationship with yourself, and enjoy sustainable weight loss habits.

For group or private sessions
What makes my exclusive hypnosis weight loss program different?
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  • This hypnosis weight loss workshop is unlike other weight loss courses and focuses on the core reason for weight gain.

  • You will discover how to catch the issue at the root by helping people like you combat weight loss and improve their inner relationships.

  • It helps you get rid of the toxic habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Prepares you for a complete physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

  • The program teaches you the principles and practices of sustainable health.

  • It is universally applicable and does not require any prior weight loss knowledge or success.

  • The course will help you shed pounds, melt fat, and get into the best shape of your life!

After finishing the hypnosis weight loss workshop, you will…
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Here is what is inside the hypnosis weight loss workshops.
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An 8-session, 2-month workshop designed to help meet the NEW YOU.

The schedule is for the group hypnosis only not the personal sessions.

Session 1 - Subconscious Conditioning - Training the subconscious mind

I will help you train your subconscious mind. 

You need to prepare your mind to receive and implement the weight loss lessons you will learn. 

This is crucial to maintaining a sustainable weight loss regime because, as I mentioned…

Weight loss is a mental game.

And you need to mold your mind to achieve all of your weight loss dreams.

Session 2 - Hypnosis Personalized Strategy - Your custom guide

I’ll create a personalized strategy that works specifically for you.

I know everyone is different…

And successful weight loss programs do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach…

That’s why I’ll create a custom strategy this session that aligns with your health goals and helps you achieve your weight loss objectives.

Session 3 - Hypnosis Blockage Clearing - Removing your obstacles

This is when we start to get deep into the issues that are causing you to gain weight.

Here we focus on you reconnecting with your inner self.

This is the time to clear up all the negativity inside you and remove the stumbling blocks to weight loss.

Here you’ll learn how you can improve the connection with your own self and eliminate the hurdles of losing weight.

This will help you keep a positive attitude towards your mind and body. 

You will develop the tools and resources you need to appreciate and believe in yourself..

Session 4 - Hypnosis Craving Eliminator - Remove all undesired cravings

We’ll focus on what you can do to remove all the cravings you experience in your daily life.

Here we explore the cravings that are restricting your weight loss and how to obliterate obesity.

This section of the course helps you get rid of any cravings that are impacting your weight loss journey.

Session 5 - Hypnosis Stop Sabotage - Identifying and banishing your bad habits

In session 5, our focus will be on removing toxic habits. 

We will work on dismissing anything that can sabotage your journey and help you develop beneficial habits to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Here we explore and expand upon the unconscious behaviors, beliefs and programs keeping you from weight loss that are in your subconscious mind.

By recognizing and pinpointing the underlying reasons for your self sabotage you will be able clear your subconscious mind from the clutter that clouds your ability to lose weight successfully.

Session 6 - Hypnosis Emotional Modification - Eliminate emotional coping

One of the biggest drivers of weight gain is stress eating or using food as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety and here we terminate the emotions associated with weight gain.

I’ll focus on determining your stress eating traits and alleviate them to restrict unnecessary caloric intake.

Emotions such as boredom, stress, loneliness, happiness, complacency, frustration, depression, anxiety, tiredness and more can all lead to weight which is why it’s pertinent to establish a process to remove such feelings from their connection to eating.

By understanding your emotions, regulating your sensations, and controlling your behaviors we can remove the negative effects of emotional eating from your life.

Session 7 - Hypnosis Shrink Stomach - How you can eat less and feel better

In this session, our main focus will be on Ghrelin and Leptin management.  

Ghrelin is the hormone that signals hunger to our brain. 

By controlling Ghrelin you feel less hungry, so there is less chance of you snacking and deviating from your weight loss journey.

Leptin is an appetite management hormone. 

When you eat food, Leptin levels rise to signal your brain to stop eating.

Higher Leptin levels promote the feeling of fullness and help you manage your appetite.

That’s why Leptin management will help you feel less hungry and suppress your appetite to make weight loss easier.

Session 8 - Hypnosis Increase Metabolism - Reboot your system

This session will focus on increasing your metabolism rate.

A higher metabolism rate will increase your daily calorie expenditure and help you lose excessive weight.

This will make it exceptionally simple to lose weight without putting in a lot of effort.

You won’t have to go through a grueling workout to burn extra calories when you’ve got a higher metabolism rate.

That’s not it…

You’ll also get a goldmine of FREE secrets, resources, tips, and tools to help you sustain your weight loss for the rest of your life.


These are the time tested tools and secret techniques that will help you develop a better understanding of yourself while naturally shedding the weight off.
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And I will share them all with you in my hypnosis weight loss workshop…

Enroll in my hypnosis weight loss program now for a limited time discount of $4,000 for 50% OFF $2,000 that is only $250 per 2-hour hypnosis workshop sessions.

But you have to act today…

Due to its high value my hypnosis weight loss workshop is limited to 10 people only. 

Schedule your sessions at the discount rate before it’s too late.

For group or private sessions

My name is Marilyn Montero, and I am the owner of Marilyn Wellness Studio located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. As a highly accredited and certified hypnotherapist I am specially trained in the art and science of hypnosis-based weight Loss.

After graduating at the top of my class from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute with honors and extra achievement awards, I built a foundation of years of experience and expertise in the areas of hypnotherapy and weight loss, and I want to share my client’s success with you.

Now fully utilizing my in-depth clinical and wellness background combined with my certifications and continuing education from the American Hypnosis Association I have created the premiere hypnosis weight loss program in the industry. Dedicated to helping others meet their weight loss goals and grow towards wellness I have specifically designed this course to assist those who struggle with eating and their body image.

Focused on the power of the subconscious mind and the ability to acquire a better version of yourself, my hypnosis weight loss workshop is your access to a new and improved healthier, and thinner you. Finally, the answers to your weight loss problems are here and I am excited to share the weight loss success that so many of my clients have already experienced. 

I look forward to seeing you in the hypnosis weight loss workshop soon, your body and mind deserve it!

With Love,

Marilyn Montero, C.Ht.
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Still don’t know if the hypnosis weight loss workshop is for you?

My hypnosis weight loss workshop is FOR you if:

The hypnosis weight loss workshop is NOT for you if:

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Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to join my exclusive hypnosis weight loss workshop.

As I already mentioned earlier…

This is a very close and intimate program that is open to 10 people only.

If you wait…

You might lose your spot to someone else.

So if you’re seeing this page…

You still have a chance.

By joining my workshop you can finally feel the joy of weight loss through hypnosis that so many others have before you.

Every second counts so make sure to sign up now

I look forward to creating the new you soon!

For group or private sessions
The Hypnosis Weight Loss Workshop Plans
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For group or private sessions
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